Recovery of banks 2013/14


Report of the Bank of Slovenia for the National Assembly, March 2015

At its session of 30 January 2015 the National Assembly adopted the Resolution in connection with the activities of the Bank of Slovenia regarding the recovery and resolution of the banking system. In the Resolution, the National Assembly recommended that within 30 days the Bank of Slovenia draft and send to the National Assembly information on (1) the causes of the capital shortfalls of the banks under review and the role of the Bank of Slovenia as the banking regulator in relation thereto, (2) the efficiency of the system of corporate governance of banks under state ownership and (3) the manner of resolving the consequences of the capital inadequacy of commercial banks.
The Bank of Slovenia drafted the report and owing to the current debates in the National Assembly supplemented it with information on the recovery and resolution of banks in 2013 – 2014.

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Stress tests and Comprehesive Reviews

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